16 December 2009

latest hobby of mine

Wow, it has been ages since the last time I updated this blog. I inspired to blog again, as hubby encouraged me to make a blog in posterous to post my cooking, but then again, I thought.. hey, I have a blog back then, and am gonna update it. So, voila! here we go again :D. Currently, I have a new hobby: COOKING! Yup, I know, I used to be so "allergic" with the kitchen, I was sooo lazy to come to the kitchen, even only to cook instant noodle. But then, because of my big family from the Pak Suryo group, who made this idea to do a cooking competition at Bu Yos' house at Idul Adha. I actually did not compete in this competition, I just brought my one and only signature dish that I can make "Sop Buntut ala Tiessa" which has been proven amongst my little family (the Laksanas), and our friends (the Ramadhanas and the Pradipthas).Surprisingly, everyone in the family love my Sop Buntut! They said marvelous!! :). Since then, I browsed and I browsed for new recipes... oh and by coincidence, one of my maids at home was pulang kampung which made me cook at home for dinner or breakfast on weekend. Therefore, since Idul Adha, I have tried to make these dishes:

- Sop Buntut
- Stoop Macaroni
- Spaghetti Aglio Olio
- Chinese Spaghetti w/ beef
- Moroccan Stewed Chicken
- Saute vegetables, chicken and mushroom
- Mashed potato w/ omelette and cream soup

Not bad huh for a beginner ;)

oh and thanks for hubby, who always want to be my food taster... until today, he said he still enjoys my cooking! yippey! :D

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